Resources and links to sites that are providing continuing coverage of the technical and legal issues related to the findings of Mark Russinovich and the Freedom to Tinker Blog.

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SonySuit is a great resource for the legal aspects of what's going on with the various law suits currently pending against Sony BMG. There are links for information by state on how you too can make history and file a claim against Sony.

EFF - Legal
Along with various state legislatures the EFF has the best chance of really making a difference with their suit. Given their resources and passion for freedom of information I would expect some interesting articles to arise from and around the content supplied here.

Emergent Chaos - Legal and Technical
Emergent Chaos provides a good balance between general, technical and legal news on the Sony saga. It also features diverse news about other Sony products like the PSP and their Minidisk line that both have interesting DRM concerns, though not specifically related to the F4I and SunnComm issues.

Freedom to Tinker - Technical
The first site to run with news of Muzzy's discovery of the vulnerability within XCP, then they went ahead and found a similar problem in a similar place with another Sony sponsored DRM, SunnComm. FtF provides a good technical summary and links to more in depth information about the mechanics behind the DRM.

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