From: Joshua Chong (
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 16:30:03 +0800
Subject: A site for you to hack

Dear fellow hackers and crackers,

         there is a site i wish..and i hope that you will hack...if
possible hack in also their mail server...the owner of this
site...well....u can assume i dislike the owner..please do
knowledge on computers software is very limited so i'm unable to do it
myself...and i need your help.....

        the address of the target site is


please do as much damage as possible...thanks...but if u are not able to
entertain my request...then it is okay....thanks anyway.

ameba of kl

You address us as "fellow hackers and crackers", then go on to say "my knowledge on computers software is very limited". You do realize this is a contradiction of sorts, and as a result we can only mock you rather than help you?

Thank you, drive through, buh-bye!

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