From: "Public " (
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 00:33:22 -0500

Dear People,

With due (fake ?) respects, I wish to 
say a few things :

 Its not cool to make fun of 
  ignorance. In the end, this makes
  you like some group of losers (which
  I think you are). 

  If you feel the mail you get is
  so pathetic, dont read it - setup
  filters - quit being assholes.
  Of course, you can publish something
  really funny after removing the
  name and specifics concerned. 

 You try very hard to give people the 
  impression that youre some big
  league contributors to the scene.
  As far as I can see, your single
  claim to fame WAS your defacement
  mirror and a good PR strategy.
  I am curious to know what else
  have you done ? Except:
  - to mirror lists of some hacks
  - call people names
  - maintain text files, 
  - talk about your favorite food 
    and wine (as if someone cares)
  - and fake a sense of gurudom ?

I guess you think of the above as work. 
If thats the case, get better jobs 
(something which gives you more money 
and less time) or take up yoga.

You said once that defacing a site 
is similar to public masturbation. 
In that case, what you do is to
demonstrate bestial behaviour 
publically :-).

We are all confident you dont have
the ability to masturbate. So the
question of doing it in public
doesnt arise -)
You refer to "third world countries"
in reference to an domain.
Let me assure you that the collective
skill,intelligence and self reliance
in India is far more than any country.

Theyve made more progress in the
50 odd years and yet still manage
to hold on to their culture and

I think its you who :

 need calculators to do simple 
 have a moron for a president
 have fat retarded kids
  with no respect for elders
 a > 50 divorce rate
 bully other countries
  to maintain your economy
  by millitary might
 have double standards for
  missile policies and almost
 "import" brains.

If Indians were third world - you did 
have :

 no mathematics
 no IPC and many other sections
  in linux
 no martial arts 
 no software to run 
  your crap.
 no concept of ahimsa or 
  mother teresa

Infact, in a short while, just like
the brits have been taken over by
the asians - the blacks and asians
in US will take over USA. So watch
out white fags :-).

I think its you who should get an
education. You can start with a
globe and by travelling more.

If you wish, we can continue this 
dialogue on your mailbag. Let it be 
a democratic verbal intercourse 
(bitches dont strip - I said verbal).

This mail is slightly on the razors
edge eh ? Maybe sarcasm can cut both

A concerned lamer.

This is like expecting civility and lucid reasoning from a crosspost to alt.perpetual-flamewar.gun-control.abortion.socialism.fuck-the-skull-of-AFS

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