Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 14:08:59 EDT
Subject: idea for you

Dear Comrades,
I am pretty computer illiterate, I am one of the useless that 
sit around and read books and write articles for my college 
newspaper. You know one of those pseudo intellectual 20-something 
coffee house chicks...but I do have a halfway intelligent idea and 
I think you are just the revolutionary organization to share it 
with...there are alot of porno sites out there..nothing particularly 
against porno it's just people pay for this crap rather than helping 
people that need it. 

Picture this, they go to their favorite porn site and up pops this 
message right  " Why you sit and Jackoff your stupid dick thousands 
are dying of starvation and your sick preverted ass doesn't give a fuck"
 or "while you play with yourself Isreal is being fucked over." Or maybe 
"the time for fucking around is over Loser" Or for those pro-women guys 
maybe something to scare the shit out of them like " does your mom know 
you're a faggot?"   I have some great sites for you highly skilled 
gentleman to attack like, which is a favorite among 
capitalist fat losers or how about or 
there are so many and you can incorporate the nasty pictures into your 
political or social message and besides people feel the most vulnerable 
when they have their dicks out. 

Just something to chew on. when you rape their internet sluts you will 
have them right where you'll want them and what can the FBI really say 
negative about building a message on their own patriarchal filthy values?

Sandra Lee Monday
(yes my real name I will not hide in fear)

Oh where to begin my dear Sandra..

  1. Our comrades are computer literate.
  2. "pseudo intellectual 20-something coffee house chicks" are only good for drunken debates and ass sex.
  3. "rather than helping people that need it" .. we all need porn.
  4. There is NOTHING wrong with jacking off. It's healthy and shit.
  5. You are a fag-hater.
  6. We are not gentlemen.
  7. You are a chick advocating "raping their internet sluts"?

In short.. wanna fuck?

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