Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 10:03:14 -0800 (PST)
From: War Child (
Subject: Much Respect!

Sorry to bother U but I just wanted 2 say you guys
rock. One day I aspire to be able to come close 2 your
abilities. The Time Warner thing was a 12 on a scale
of 1-10. Thanks You guys 4 all the work U do. I am
broke right now and have 2 digital cable boxes that
wont work on my new service because I couldnt pay the
bill and they shut me down. When I plug them in it
says 2 call the company I really want after 3 years of
paying $90 a month to be able to have digital back
till I get out of this money slump. If you know of any
links that I can read on how 2 make these boxes work
again I would really appreciate it. If you R busy I
understand & thats cool to. Thanks 4 reading this you
have much respect from me ~ST~Warchild 

When Bronc isn't working as Ouchy the Clown, he is busy hacking cable TV boxes to get people like you free cable service. But, he won't just do it off the bat, you have to buy him dinner and compliment his shaved parts.

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